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Paul Dresser

I am a practicing content creator, editor, director, filmmaker, and occasionally writer & actor. 
Knowledgeable in all aspects of the on-set process, Adobe Premiere Pro & AVID Media Composer for video editing, and Final Draft & CeltX for script writing.


With upwards of 3 years of experience in video production and an A.S. in Television Production, I am committed to continuously learning the craft.  I've worked on many video projects as a solo artist from start to finish.  Also, I've taken singular roles on sets such as: Camera Operator, 1st AC, 2nd AC, Gaffer, Key Grip, Audio Recordist, and more.  I've worked in post-production on many projects in roles like: Lead Editor, Assistant Editor, DIT, and more.

With experience in narrative film storytelling, documentary video storytelling, as well as corporate videography, I have worked in many different kinds of video production environments.  Each of these environments has provided me with new things to learn, and I'm grateful for each encounter!  I consider myself open to every new opportunity.

I see the creative side of living as cathartic and helpful to our soul.  I also believe we are all here to help each other get to where we need to go. So I'll do my part and see where it takes us.
Truly, thank you, for taking the time to visit my slice of the world.  Keep it kind!

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TV sitcom Pilot


director of photography

February, 2019

After two years being single, Rose snags a first date with the cute guy from the bookstore, but tragedy strikes when Flo comes to town. Well, Flo may be a manifestation of Rose's period, but first and foremost... they are friends. Rose will have to navigate the ups and downs of her menstruation, making her friend proud in the process and winning the guy in the end!




director of photography

September, 2019

Hannah and Evan are two high school students with their whole lives ahead of them, until they die in a tragic car accident. The grim reaper decides to give them a chance to live. They'll have one more day to decide if they want to kill someone their age to replace them in the afterlife, or accept their fate in the end.


A 2-Minute Silent Film. "Beyond the Veil"

December, 2017

Everything in life seems ordinary and simple, until something new arrives to change your outlook on what you thought you knew.  Written, directed, and edited by yours truly.

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corporate content
Kite pharma
September, 2020

Working as the lead videographer for the Five Pillars training series, I managed the concept work, to the on-set preparation and production, as well as the editing process.  I was fortunate to work with many levels of employees within the Kite Pharma group on this project, leading to successful collaborations with different personalities.  This project certainly offered difficult challenges from a strenuous year, but I was lucky to have a great group of collaborators to end up with a quality video series.

Sam Shepherd

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